We are very proud of our attendance at Archbishop Holgate’s School. We work very hard with our students and parents in ensuring that we have good attendance and punctuality, because this is at the heart of good progress, developing social skills and friendships. Students who are good attenders succeed far better than those whose attendance is poor. The expectation by our school is that every student strives to obtain above 95% attendance. Students with 90% attendance have missed 3 weeks and 4 days of learning in an academic year.

We ask that all parents/guardians support their child and the school by:

  • Sending their child to school every day unless too ill to attend.
  • Ensuring their child arrives at school before 8.45, fully prepared and equipped for school.
  • Reporting any absences to school via the absence phone (01904 411341) or emailing: reception@archbishopholgates.org.
  • Avoid medical appointments in school time, but if an appointment is unavoidable the student should attend school prior to the appointment (if possible) and be brought back to school after their appointment
  • Not taking holidays in the school term time. Any request from parents will be unauthorised unless in exceptional circumstance and parents take the risk of being issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.
  • Contacting the relevant Head of Year if there are any issues preventing attendance

Absence is not accepted for:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Shopping
  • Treats


Being on time is vital for the start of the school day and to all lessons. If a student is 5 minutes late each day then they can miss 3 days of learning each year. If they are 15 minutes late every day they can miss 2 weeks of learning each year. Vital information and notices are given out each morning during registration, students who miss these struggle for the rest of the day.

If a student is late to school without a ‘good’ reason they will receive an automatic lunchtime detention.  If this persists a parental meeting will be held to address the issue.

If you would like to read our attendance policy please CLICK HERE.