A Well-considered Curriculum

The curriculum at Archbishop Holgate’s school has been developed to ensure that subject specific skills and knowledge are mapped and sequenced across the Key Stages with all aspects of the National Curriculum being covered.

All students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of a broad and rich curriculum in Year 7 and 8 all of which cover the national curriculum before students embark on a purpose-built transition year that provides personal development and cultural opportunity. However, given the impact of Covid-19 on students new to the school, we have made the decision to return to picking options subjects in Year 9, whilst retaining the benefits of the model outlined above.

The benefit of a transition year

The whole school curriculum has been created to include a transition year (Yr9) which is core to facilitating the development and mastery of key skills and knowledge that underpin higher order concepts within KS4 teaching alongside character development, curriculum enrichment and opportunity to address cultural gaps due to social disadvantage.

In Year 9 students will select from a vast and diverse range of subjects (Engineering, Business, Drama, Sociology etc) and different qualification types in order to keep their curriculum broad, inspiring and ambitious.

As part of the transition year all students in Year 9 will complete the Arts Award through their continued engagement to the creative practical based subjects (this qualification runs from Yr7 to 9).  Personal development is rooted in the Yr9 curriculum through character and culture lessons, curriculum enrichment opportunities and creative arts & STEM enrichment trips to external organisations/providers across the country.

Curriculum enrichment and personal development

Personal development is key to the whole school curriculum intent. Opportunities for character development exist at all stages in the school. Some examples include:

  • Cross curricular enrichment days
  • Employer involvement
  • Subject visits – domestic and international
  • Guest speakers
  • Careers week
  • Competitive essay competitions (RE, History and Politics)
  • National competitions (Griffins nest, tenner challenge etc.)
  • STEM events
  • ISSP masterclasses, summer school, summer debates, lectures, Latin and Astronomy
  • Character and culture lessons in Yr9
  • Skills-for-life embedded in curriculum
  • Mental health champions
  • Young leaders
  • Cultural opportunity projects
  • Transition year enrichment projects