Curriculum Design

The National Curriculum has been used as a starting point for the construction of the whole school curriculum. The National Curriculum provides the benchmark and leaders have crafted a curriculum that far exceeds it in breadth and ambition, we are particularly proud of their subject linked extra-curricular.

All subject leaders have identified and mapped the key skills within their subject discipline to ensure progression across the medium and long term curricular. Opportunities for extra-curricular activities in subject areas are identified in the department intent documentation and ensure that engagement with a subject extends beyond the classroom.

The whole school curriculum has been constructed to include a transition year (Year 9) which is core to facilitating the development and mastery of key skills that underpin higher order concepts within future KS4 teaching. Alongside this, lessons to aid character development, curriculum enrichment and opportunity to address cultural gaps due to social disadvantage are mapped into the year, leaving us with an exceptionally rich, varied and dynamic curriculum offer.

Personal development is rooted in the Year 9 curriculum through character and culture lessons, curriculum enrichment opportunities, ICT, PSHCE and creative arts & STEM enrichment trips to external organisations/providers across the country. The Year 9 transition year enables us to offer a varied programme of enrichment that aids students’ personal development, as well as significantly underpinning their understanding of British Values, our school values and cultures other than their own.

As part of the transition year all students in Year 9 will complete the Arts Award through their continued engagement to the creative practical based subjects (this qualification runs from Yr7 to 9).

We are proud that we have constructed a curriculum that prioritises personal development alongside academic development.

Given the impact of Covid-19 on students new to the school, we have made the decision to return to picking options subjects in Year 9, whilst retaining the benefits of the model outlined above.

Curriculum Intent
All students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of a broad and rich curriculum. Students joining Year 7 start their academic journey through studying 14 different subjects which starts to cover aspects of the National Curriculum.

Curriculum Intent
All students continue their broad and rich curriculum through deepening their understanding of the 14 subjects studied. Students will build on and develop the key skills within each subject area as sequenced by subject leaders. Within this year students will cover all aspects of the National Curriculum.

Curriculum Intent
Personal development is rooted within this year. The final year of Key Stage 3 also facilitates the development and mastery of key skills that underpin higher order concepts within future KS4 teaching alongside character development, curriculum enrichment and opportunity to address cultural gaps due to social disadvantage. Students will study x12 subjects within this academic year with students having the opportunity to study new subjects available to them. Students will also complete pathway choices for Key Stage 4 during this year.

Curriculum Intent
The KS4 journey begins for students as formal GCSE teaching starts and study skills are fostered through a robust programme of study. All students will study a minimum of x9 full GCSE qualifications, with the more able studying more. Curricular is planned with the intention of developing robust disciplinary knowledge and facilitating an appreciation of the demands and rewards of academic rigour.

Curriculum Intent
The KS4 journey continues for students as they continue their GCSE studies in the lead up to the summer GCSE examination period. A full study skills programme is delivered to students to ensure that they are fully prepared and successful in their examinations. Pastoral and academic intervention is offered to ensure that students are successful in securing their intended progression routes.

Weekly curriculum time allocations

SubjectYear 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Design and Technology111*
Food Technology101*
Core PE22211
Option 132
Option 232
Option 332